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The Tech Stack for Developing Novel Business Solutions

Staque is dedicated to providing cutting-edge technology solutions for complex business, public sector and government problems.

Deep Computing Software and Hardware Expertise

Data fuels the world and compute runs it. Staque combines both seamlessly in software and hardware solutions.

Artificial Intelligence, Data Science and Automation

Build AI agents to power your products, learn actionable insights from data and automate cumbersome tasks. From Generative AI to Spatial Computing, we have got you covered.

Web3, Blockchain  and Distributed Computing

Distributed ledger technologies power cryptocurrencies, central bank digital currencies, metaverse and business applications. We have been building these since 2018.

Quantum and High-Performance Computing

Our expertise in practical quantum computing sets us apart. We excel at building high-performance conventional, quantum and hybrid solutions. 

Scalable Cloud Native, Web and Mobile Apps

We build performant cloud, on-premises and hybrid solutions that run on the web, mobile, desktop, consoles and other devices. 

Not Just a Dev House

We are invested in your success and understand that one size doesn’t fit all. Unlike typical dev houses, we never hold you hostage to our services. We are just as happy recruiting or upskilling  your team to build / maintain a project as we are to build and manage everything for you.

Experience the Staque Advantage


Strategy Consulting

Business or product strategy requires profound understanding and experience of R&D, go-to-market and capital markets. Staque’s team of seasoned CEOs and CTOs are your trusted strategic partner.


Solution Development

From ideation to requirements analysis, from development to deployment, and from maintenance to enhancement, Staque’s PMs and engineers will build your software and hardware solutions.


Technology Integration

Whether you wish to train and integrate a Large Language Model, deploy Web3 monetization models, or leverage High Performance Computing to solve complex problems, Staque has you covered.


Fractional Executives

Use our experts to fill gaps in your team. Hire  fractional or full-time CTO, CIO, CPO, CFO, CSO, VP of Product / Engineering / Innovation / Finance, Director / Head of Engineering.


Recruitment and Training

We specialize in building  and training R&D teams. Engage with us to upskill your existing team or headhunt the best new talent. Unlike typical recruiters, we know who would be an ideal fit for your tech and culture.


White-Labelled Software

Contact us if you are looking for off-the-shelf, enterprise or white labelled software solutions. Whatever your needs, chances are we have a solution for you. 

Trusted Collaborations

D-Wave Systems
University of Northern British Columbia
Advancerite Technologies Inc

Ready for Transformation?

Discover how our advanced technology solutions can drive your business towards unprecedented growth and success.

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