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What We Offer

AI-Powered Transformation

Generative AI has taken the world by storm. It may well be the killer application AI has been waiting for. However, there is much more to AI. Over the last ten years, big tech has made billions using recommender systems, a class of supervised machine learning models. This is the core IP of the likes of Netflix, Amazon, Meta and Google. Machine vision is used in autonomous cars, medical diagnostics, facial recognition and OCRs. Recently, it has evolved into spatial computing in the form of Apple’s Vision Pro. Our team specializes in integrating off-the-shelf AI services, bespoke model development, model training and tuning, and the data engineering that is essential to make AI pipelines work.

Next-Generation Computing

Google demonstrated quantum supremacy in 2019, but is QC practical?


There are two models of quantum computing: Gate Model and Annealer. Gate based quantum computers are general purpose but are limited by noise and the small number of qubits in today’s NISQ (Noisy Intermediate Scale Quantum) machines.


Quantum annealers have larger number of stable qubits. They can only solve optimization and sampling problems but those are the ones that matter to industry! Did you know that tuning the hyperparameters of any machine learning model itself is an optimization problem?


Mastercard, BBVA, Mitsubishi, Denso, Save On Foods are using QC today. Let Staque and our quantum infrastructure partners help you catch up.

New Age of Web3 Solutions

Cryptocurrency is just one use case of blockchain technology. Other compelling ones include CBDCs; enterprise and government applications in finance, energy supply chain, public records and other industries; fully regulated digital securities; metaverse; gaming; and Web 3 as a network of blockchains to enhance the existing web 2. We have worked on a multitude of blockchain technologies and applications. 

  • EVM and Non-EVM Public Chains

  • Enterprise Chains

  • Data Immutability

  • Asset Provenance

  • Real-world Asset Tokenization

  • DeFi Protocols

  • NFT Marketplaces

  • Regulated Security Tokens

  • Various ERC Standards


Excellence in Customer-Centric Solutions

At Staque Solutions, we are committed to delivering exceptional customer-centric solutions. From concept to deployment, our focus remains on providing a seamless and enriching experience for your customers, driving satisfaction and loyalty.

Learn More About Our Solutions And Industry Experience

Seamless Integration with Your Infrastructure

We seamlessly integrate with your existing infrastructure, ensuring a smooth transition and optimal performance. Our solutions are designed to complement your ecosystem, empowering you to leverage our technology seamlessly.

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